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[925] Artist: doofus | Title: Le Murr | Time: 1h 4m
Pic #845

ShiPainter Pro
doofus @ Sunday, February 14th 2010, 6:35 AM
Winter @ Monday, February 15th 2010, 9:12 AM
Cute. &lt;3
Cattivino @ Monday, February 15th 2010, 4:27 PM
I like how his swimsuit comes a nonverbal instruction to "Place paw here".
manimal @ Thursday, July 1st 2010, 7:55 PM
Cute face, "kisses it" moah

[924] Artist: Cattivino | Title: Summer School, part 4 | Time: 7h 21m
Pic #844
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ShiPainter Pro
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Cattivino @ Saturday, February 13th 2010, 8:39 PM
back to my usual shameless obsessions
Siraj @ Saturday, February 13th 2010, 10:44 PM
Ah, but it's a shameless obsession we all share &lt;3
Kuroi @ Sunday, February 14th 2010, 5:16 PM
So true. xD ... sezzy &lt;3
Tuskyn @ Thursday, March 11th 2010, 10:31 AM
Very nice. There's nothing shameless about her. =)
Alfador @ Friday, March 12th 2010, 7:55 PM
Nothing shameful, either. &gt;:3
solanusdracon @ Sunday, March 21st 2010, 10:43 PM
I do so love happy loli.
manimal @ Thursday, July 1st 2010, 7:55 PM
Wow a porn artist who`s acually skilled at drawing clothes, now there`s somthing you don`t see everyday. Oh gawd she`s so cute

[923] Artist: doofus | Title: hi | Time: 1h 53m
Pic #843

ShiPainter Pro

doofus @ Saturday, January 23rd 2010, 5:33 AM
what the fuck is this shit
McLeut @ Saturday, January 23rd 2010, 8:25 AM
I call that an invitation of the boy. I sure take it. ;) And since it is an invite it is not trespassing.
Kuroi @ Monday, January 25th 2010, 3:38 AM
it's sexy is what it is. Makes me curious about the story behind it. x3
kira1200 @ Monday, January 25th 2010, 8:29 AM
its a trap!
Cattivino @ Sunday, January 31st 2010, 12:20 AM
Admiral Ackbar approves.
Foxiefluff2 @ Sunday, March 7th 2010, 1:20 AM
This is increadibily hot. And good.
manimal @ Thursday, July 1st 2010, 7:53 PM
Love the outfit and those oh no please don`t, but do it anyways eyes

[921] Artist: Paige | Title: The Magician's Apprentice 2 | Time: 3h 50m
Pic #841
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Paige @ Wednesday, January 20th 2010, 5:28 PM
Phew, I thought those colors would never end... &gt;_&gt;;;

As Paige and his new little friend start to have a little fun, the power of his pendant seems to be growing! O_O
Foxiefluff2 @ Wednesday, January 20th 2010, 6:44 PM
Yay for litle dragons, and knots, and for foxes getting topped by them. :3
Kuroi @ Wednesday, January 20th 2010, 7:01 PM
Sexy. I wonder what powers will be unlocked xD
justvisiting2 @ Wednesday, January 20th 2010, 9:42 PM
oo nicely done :3
Cattivino @ Thursday, January 21st 2010, 7:44 PM
The power of his pendant seems to be growing something. Excellent work as usual.
Micah @ Saturday, January 23rd 2010, 3:07 PM
Gorgeous continuation Paige~
manimal @ Thursday, July 1st 2010, 7:52 PM
I don`t know eheter I`m most impressed with your vivid use of colors or that is an amaizingly hot pose, I want a dragon too!

[920] Artist: Kuroi | Title: Oops I fell | Time: 1h 41m
Pic #840
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Kuroi @ Friday, January 15th 2010, 7:03 PM
Continuation of the one I did on the practice board. Felt like painting this one ... or most of it anyways xD
ben_raccoon @ Friday, January 15th 2010, 8:03 PM
Why do I foresee a glut of snow-themed pictures this summer?

Also, that poor boy should calm down and enjoy himself. :3
Paige @ Friday, January 15th 2010, 8:11 PM
My, what a delightfully devious set up... &gt;w&lt;
Your paintings are always so awesome =9

Ben : Snow in July? Wha?
justvisiting2 @ Friday, January 15th 2010, 8:40 PM
:D !
FruitSalad @ Friday, January 15th 2010, 8:51 PM
super hot n_n i'm just a sucker for cubXcub pics.
she looks sooo enthusiastic about it; i'd probably be like that boy, but saying "yes! don't stop!" on the inside XD
also, her hairstyle is just delishush =3
gogeta69z @ Tuesday, January 19th 2010, 8:51 AM
i love the pic they are both so cute, and actually it's summer in australia right now and winter there when it's summer there, so the pic works from that angle and plus in America we have the whole christmas in july thing that some tv channels do, just thought i throw out that tidbit of info hehe, and again love the pic wanna see more
Alfador @ Tuesday, January 19th 2010, 10:53 AM
Paige: Ben's saying that summer-themed pictures in January mean winter-themed pictures in July seem much more likely. Which makes much more sense if you live in the southern hemisphere. ;) (I don't; it's cold outside where I live.)
Cattivino @ Friday, January 22nd 2010, 1:04 AM
Apparently all that swimming has given her quite an appetite.
manimal @ Thursday, July 1st 2010, 7:51 PM
Oh wow love the characters and the way you seem to fit everything so nicely together. The expressions are just priceless.

[917] Artist: Paige | Title: The New Hire | Time: 5h 38m
Pic #838
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Paige @ Saturday, December 26th 2009, 3:33 PM
T'was The Inn's Annual Holiday party, and hanging out by the fire,
Was Cattivino Cub Catering's most newest hire!
She had taken the job to drum up some Holiday Cash,
To by her Big Brother the WiiStation 360 game "Brothers of Smash!"
And though she was nervous on her new job's first night,
She was determined that she would do her job right!

It wasn't long before the party was full, as people made cheer!
Eating and laughing, and drinking down beer!
They treated the cubs nicely, as they gazed on in awe,
And with tip money flowing, Ellie knew they liked what they saw!
Just then a young wolf came to her, he was smiling though shy,
He took the seat next to hers with a gleam in his eye.
"My sweet darling mouse, who's beauty does shine,
On this cold winter's evening, may I make you mine?"

She was too timid to answer, so she just gave him a nod -
But he didn't seem to mind as he whipped out his rod.
He moved up behind her, and lovingly caressed her rear
"I'll be gentle my love" He whispered into her ear.

Gently he sank his shaft into her sweet little cunt,
Ellie let out a squeak, and he made a satisfied grunt.
Carefully bucking his hips, as he tested her depth,
She made cute little noises as she gasped for each breath.

As the humping grew faster, her gasps grew more loud,
and Suddenly Ellie realized they were drawing a crowd!
People came close, and they watched with delight,
as the young wolf continued fucking her pussy so tight.

Though it seemed like hours, almost as quick as it had begun,
The young wolf cried out as he started to cum!
The crowd "Oooh~"ed and they "Ahhh~"ed as his love juice shot out,
When suddenly Ellie herself gave a sweet shout!

Though she had done her best to last as long as she might,
She started to cum, clutching her pillow tight -
Her own love juice flowed, and her whole body shuddered,
"M-m-m-erry Ch-ri-ri-ismas!" To the young wolf Ellie Stuttered.
"Merry Christmas to you" He said, with a huge smile on his lips,
as he tucked $100 into the jar for her tips!

Then the whole crowd followed suit, filling her tip jar to the brim,
The put in so much, they couldn't put any more in!
Each one in turn, gave her their love, with a kiss or a gentle touch,
Ellie was so greatful, that they loved her so much!

And the night carried on, though Ellie left for a nap,
So yeah, Merry Christmas, and all of that Crap!!! XD
Alfador @ Saturday, December 26th 2009, 4:52 PM
Absolute yay! XD
FruitSalad @ Saturday, December 26th 2009, 5:34 PM
soooooooooo gooooooooooood o.o
Rally Fox @ Saturday, December 26th 2009, 6:17 PM
:0 &lt;3 ^-^
Elohim @ Saturday, December 26th 2009, 6:50 PM
Now see, why don't I ever get invited to parties with catering like that?
thekzx @ Saturday, December 26th 2009, 11:05 PM
Best catering service EVER.

Fuck, this fills my head with ideas.
Cattivino @ Sunday, December 27th 2009, 1:34 AM
Oh man. How many kinds of awesome is this. It's like one of my fantasies is having a fantasy. And that crazy poem. And her little toes curling in those red velvet socks. The goodness just doesn't end.
justvisiting2 @ Tuesday, December 29th 2009, 3:29 PM
fantastic :3
Kuroi @ Wednesday, December 30th 2009, 4:29 AM
adorable and sexy. Trademark Paige &lt;3
gogeta69z @ Tuesday, January 19th 2010, 8:57 AM
epic poem and pic there's not a thing i dont like here and boy i'd love to giver a lick and all of my dick, hehe might have to save the poem it's a bit awesome along with the pic

[915] Artist: Kuroi | Title: Bad Santa | Time: 35m 43s
Pic #836
(Click to enlarge)

[View Animation]
Kuroi @ Monday, December 21st 2009, 7:43 PM
Somebody was a little over eager this year. Quick doodle for christmastime stuffs &lt;3
Cattivino @ Monday, December 21st 2009, 8:15 PM
I was hoping you'd stop by and leave us a present. Thanks!
justvisiting2 @ Monday, December 21st 2009, 10:26 PM
yea.. well.. screw the sign.
cute stuff!
gogeta69z @ Tuesday, January 19th 2010, 8:58 AM
now lets get him filled at both ends stocking stuffing cuming down chimenies, deck the halls and all that

[912] Artist: WishingStar | Title: Merry Christmas | Time: 1h 15m
Pic #834
(Click to enlarge)

ShiPainter Pro
WishingStar @ Saturday, December 19th 2009, 3:51 PM
Star wishes all of you a Merry Christmas, or whichever holiday you celebrate, and a happy new year... sooner or later, 'cause some people celebrate new year later. *chuckles*

I hope everybody is having a happy holiday season!
Cattivino @ Saturday, December 19th 2009, 8:34 PM
Very cute. I like that asymmetrical cloth arrangement; It looks easy to unwrap. Nice drapery too.

[910] Artist: Pseudonym | Title: Missing the Snow | Time: 4h 28m
Pic #832

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Pseudonym @ Thursday, December 17th 2009, 9:18 PM
Just wanted something simple and relaxing. I Picked it up a few times throughout the day so the timer is dead wrong.

Technically inspired by Cattivino, but I don't think this is what he had in mind. Thanks for the inspiration anyway! :P

BA @ Friday, December 18th 2009, 5:12 AM
Love the linework on this :3 I'll have to make a snow angel one day :o
Cattivino @ Friday, December 18th 2009, 7:16 PM
This is so sweet. Just a cub being a cub. Nah, what I had in mind was to see and appreciate a wide variety of styles and scenarios, whatever everyone felt like drawing.
justvisiting2 @ Saturday, December 19th 2009, 2:11 AM
cute! :3
gogeta69z @ Tuesday, January 19th 2010, 9:00 AM
adorable bunny girl
Pseudonym @ Monday, February 8th 2010, 11:38 AM
I understand the confusion, but just for the record, she's a cat, not a bunny. That's her hair. xD

I'll give her more love when I get back in the oekaki mood.

PS: Thanks for the kind comments.

[908] Artist: BA | Title: Getting a Tip | Time: 3h 14m
Pic #830

ShiPainter Pro
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BA @ Thursday, December 17th 2009, 8:27 AM
Cattivino's catering cubs will work hard to ensure your guests leave the party satisfied, and without a single drop of your drink spilled :o
Cattivino @ Thursday, December 17th 2009, 11:01 AM
Awesome. She seems to really like her job. I love that stylized side-lit couple in the room across the hall, too.
Moparskunk @ Thursday, December 17th 2009, 1:44 PM
I would definitely throw a lot more parties if this level of quality catering was available ;) Awesome work, BA.
Addy @ Thursday, December 17th 2009, 6:28 PM
Have I mentioned that I love all you pervy fellas lately?
justvisiting2 @ Friday, December 18th 2009, 4:06 AM
*drooooool* her ass looks fantastic, and the rest of her too of course ;)
McLeut @ Friday, December 25th 2009, 7:31 AM
Are they still hirering? The looking for more cubs to employ? where does the naughty lil deerboy has to subscribe to get a job there. *giggles*
gogeta69z @ Tuesday, January 19th 2010, 9:03 AM
yay for dcubs, yay for this theme, and yay for BA, god she's cute what a lucky guy

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