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[249] Artist: Mark Salot | Title: Child's Play | Time: 2h 39m
Pic #279

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Mark Salot @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 7:43 PM
Well it could have turned out better but I think it's still a good pic, really did a half-assed job on the bed though.

Oh well, hope you enjoy the pic.
griffy @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 7:45 PM
She need any help?
Mark Salot @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 7:48 PM
griffy: She wouldn't mind a helping hand.
Alfador @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 8:02 PM
Or a loving nuzzle and a lick? Followed up by four or five dozen more licks in more or less the same general area? ;D *giggle*
McLeut @ Wednesday, October 5th 2005, 10:56 AM
She looks hungry. I wouldn't mind helping her getting the proper nutrition, hehehe.
Squirrel 1 @ Wednesday, October 5th 2005, 7:20 PM
She is definatly the little cutie. Nice to see some girls on the board,even though they're not my cup of tea. :)
manimal @ Saturday, April 8th 2006, 8:12 AM
lol i acually did that when i was 5 i wanted a tatto after seeing the carebares. not i have 2'nd thoughts.

[248] Artist: SO | Title: Webcam Request | Time: 53m 47s
Pic #278

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SO @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 6:59 PM
Evidently she listened to the "show yer butt" request. Not to mention she learned how to use the zoom on the webcam now :P
griffy @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 7:45 PM
cubbie @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 7:45 PM
Very well done, but *whimper* where's the boys *cry* ;0)
Mark Salot @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 7:50 PM
Love what you've done thus far and can't wait to see what else you come up with.
Alfador @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 8:02 PM
SO CUTE!!! I want to hug her and kiss her and make her feel happy. Aheh. *Really* happy. ;D
griffy @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 8:36 PM
i think her dad needs to bust into the room and inspect the giggling thats been going non stop for 2 hours.

Maybee a punishment will be in order.
drakis @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 9:44 PM
*rumbles as he tunes in to the webcast and grins, the dragon finding the little cub playing naughtilly*

very nice! perhaps if the sexy girl has something she could tease her sex with for the enjoyment of everyone? maybe a nice fat pen or something else cylindrical?
Squalis Cubuckle @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 11:42 PM
She's one hell of a cutie for her age, and I love the touch of rough fur at the base of her tail just abov her tailhole. :)
I can't wait for what you have planned next for her.

(Edited on October 4, 2005, 11:42 pm)
Elohim @ Wednesday, October 5th 2005, 5:28 AM
mmm... i just want to watch more of the cutie's cam... awesome stuff, BTW
McLeut @ Wednesday, October 5th 2005, 10:54 AM
Try how many pencils fit in the pussy. hehehehehe.
Midsummer @ Wednesday, October 5th 2005, 3:23 PM
I'm in love... ;)
Dante @ Wednesday, October 5th 2005, 4:03 PM
SWEET! still waiting for her brother I see...
Anestasia @ Wednesday, October 5th 2005, 4:06 PM
Oh.... Muh.. Goodness O.o!!!!one!1111!!
Cyan @ Thursday, November 3rd 2005, 5:13 PM

In fact THIS is the best pic i have EVER seen since my last 5 years surfing the net!!!

Oh hell i would give you every fucing oscar or other rewards for it if i could XD

This man is damn nice work!

Please never leave us, i think i couldn't stand it xD

[247] Artist: SO | Title: Webcam #2 | Time: 51m 58s
Pic #277

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SO @ Sunday, October 2nd 2005, 7:59 PM
I think she got bored playing around with the webcam by herself.... <_<
griffy @ Sunday, October 2nd 2005, 8:15 PM
Spread Eagle!
Faux @ Sunday, October 2nd 2005, 9:20 PM
Ooo, how about showing and playing with that cute rear...
Squalis Cubuckle @ Sunday, October 2nd 2005, 11:23 PM
How about kneeling on the bed with your backside to the camera and raising your tail up in the air, so you can show us that cute rump of yours...

(Edited on October 2, 2005, 11:46 pm)
Midsummer @ Monday, October 3rd 2005, 1:42 AM
I just like to see more of you cutie. ;)
Elohim @ Monday, October 3rd 2005, 6:10 AM
mmmmmm.... backside
DavidRokon @ Monday, October 3rd 2005, 7:59 AM
How about daddy comming home early ;)
SirDread @ Monday, October 3rd 2005, 8:27 AM
i agree with Squalis Cubuckle, but anything of more cuteness is great =3
Volramos @ Monday, October 3rd 2005, 10:51 AM
Beautiful. Hope to see more of your art.
You got a website?
AnonV3 @ Monday, October 3rd 2005, 1:40 PM
Do somethin'
Dante @ Monday, October 3rd 2005, 1:49 PM
go get her little brother hehe...
Volramos @ Monday, October 3rd 2005, 10:10 PM
Yeah, what Dante said :3
jackalshadow @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 9:07 AM
Think outside the box, lil girl! Go get your sister or momma!!
Volramos @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 9:16 AM
Or dad or brother ^.^

...or both...
jackalshadow @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 9:30 AM
hehe, that would work, though i see a lot of boys and men on these sites. Not that I'm complainin', but i've always found that there isn't enough girl on girl stuff on here
AnonV3 @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 2:32 PM
What, family orgy time or something?
Dante @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 6:36 PM
Anon has the right idea,but that is a lot of work...
lainenyah @ Tuesday, October 4th 2005, 6:58 PM
Or it maybe time for a slumber party soon... =D
Dellobob @ Sunday, November 26th 2006, 12:01 AM
i agree with Dante

[246] Artist: SO | Title: Webcam | Time: 1h 6m
Pic #276

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SO @ Sunday, October 2nd 2005, 1:21 AM
Isn't she up a little late to be using that webcam?
AnonV3 @ Sunday, October 2nd 2005, 9:30 AM
She can stay up as late as she wants. But she WILL be getting up for school tomorrow. You hear me young lady?
AKG @ Sunday, October 2nd 2005, 11:26 AM
Ooooh... gotta find THAT website and send some requests... *click click click*
Squalis Cubuckle @ Sunday, October 2nd 2005, 12:03 PM
I hope she keeps her webcam online 24/7, I'd watch her all day. :)

(Edited on October 2, 2005, 12:08 pm)
Midsummer @ Sunday, October 2nd 2005, 12:08 PM
She is such a beautiful girl!

[245] Artist: Mark Salot | Title: Guess who's back. | Time: 2h 36m
Pic #275

ShiPainter Pro

Mark Salot @ Thursday, September 29th 2005, 11:16 PM
Salot's back!

Figured since I'm getting a new start with a new computer I might as well try coloring in a new style.
Midsummer @ Friday, September 30th 2005, 12:59 PM
Really so cute!
SirDread @ Friday, September 30th 2005, 7:27 PM
I love this picture, too cute!
AnonV3 @ Friday, September 30th 2005, 9:49 PM
That's nice. Good coloring style. I like how soft it is and the sketchy feel of the lines. A+
Hulex @ Saturday, October 1st 2005, 4:52 PM
*nods* Incredibly cute! And I believe you have indeed been missed ^-^

Draw more! Specially boys, cause they're awesome... *chuckles*

[244] Artist: artdecade | Title: daddy's little ash tray | Time: 1h 4m
Pic #274

artdecade @ Tuesday, September 27th 2005, 1:05 AM
children are so cute

what, your dad didn't smoke in the bath when you were a kid?
cubbie @ Wednesday, September 28th 2005, 12:00 AM
My dad never took a bath with me =0( tho I woulda liked it if he had!

I wish I was molested when i was a kid!!!
Ben @ Wednesday, September 28th 2005, 7:34 AM
*snickers* Kids have all sorts of uses.
Beautiful Dreamer @ Wednesday, September 28th 2005, 4:25 PM
Bad bear! Don't ever smoke near cubs!
Cute though. ^_^
artdecade @ Friday, September 30th 2005, 1:09 PM
yeah, it's ok to have sex with cubs, just don't smoke near them, hahaaaahahahaha that's so twisted i love it :3
Anonymous @ Sunday, October 9th 2005, 2:41 PM
My friend smoked once when I was giving him head when I was young... then he dropped the ciggarette on my leg. Very ouch. Got a scar from it.
florian john - [Homepage] @ Tuesday, February 28th 2006, 3:33 AM

[241] Artist: Ben | Title: Bah | Time: 50m 43s
Pic #271

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Ben @ Saturday, September 10th 2005, 12:35 AM
work in progress, just proving I'm alive, still.
Revrant @ Saturday, September 10th 2005, 10:19 AM
Looks good, can't wait to see it finished.
Siraj @ Saturday, September 10th 2005, 4:20 PM
Oh wow... now that's a yummy sight... lickie lickie lick!
Reddarkpaw @ Sunday, September 11th 2005, 12:08 PM
How deep can he get that tongue down??
Lets see the completed drawing
AKG @ Sunday, September 11th 2005, 10:04 PM
Woo, new art - and new Ben art, to boot... looking intriguing - I'll be looking forward to seeing this one finished!
Alfador @ Sunday, September 11th 2005, 11:19 PM
Heh, looks cute!
promethus @ Thursday, September 15th 2005, 11:43 PM
Ben, your stuff always rocks,
both content and skill.
Can't wait to see the final piece,
and hopefully some of your other new
stuff, soon?
Kuro @ Monday, September 26th 2005, 6:50 PM
But is that a boi or a grrl? The size of the big doggy's mouth leaves that somewhat open to interpretation. Or was that the idea?
Ben @ Saturday, October 8th 2005, 1:46 AM
The gender of the cub is simply left to the viewer's imagination. ;)

[239] Artist: Rufus | Title: No Title | Time: 5h 21m
Pic #269

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Rufus @ Tuesday, August 9th 2005, 5:25 PM
Rufus & Pockets. it's bedtime, I'll finish later *sleeps*
cyris @ Wednesday, August 10th 2005, 12:08 AM
Cute artwork, love the styl.e
Reyos @ Saturday, August 13th 2005, 5:03 PM
and that's the guy that has rufus taken? if I steel both of them, can I do naughty things with the two?
Rufus @ Sunday, August 14th 2005, 2:49 AM
Maybe ;3
Rufus @ Monday, August 15th 2005, 4:01 PM
They are both male incase anyone thinks otherwise. Although Pockets looks more like a girl he is actually the more masculine outta the 2 (though he does do girly things too -.-)
Reyos @ Tuesday, August 16th 2005, 1:41 AM
*steals both boys and starts doing naughty things with them*

[237] Artist: Rufus | Title: Rufus! | Time: 1h 28m
Pic #267

ShiPainter Pro
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Rufus @ Thursday, July 28th 2005, 4:48 PM
Some random semi-nudity to start me off.

Hope it's okay that it's sorta, only semi-furry. He does have a tail but I didn't put it in.
cubbie @ Thursday, July 28th 2005, 5:04 PM
Well *I* think it's adorable and am glad you posted it ^_^ hope to see yer work here more
Dark Clown @ Thursday, July 28th 2005, 5:45 PM
Its quite detailed, its a good jump start ^_^
Reyos @ Friday, July 29th 2005, 11:27 AM
*sneeks up and snatches teh boy to do naughty things with him*
Rufus @ Friday, July 29th 2005, 12:48 PM
Thanks :P

:O Reyos, no touching ;3 He's taken xD
mindless @ Friday, July 29th 2005, 3:09 PM
Awe thats cute, I love it.
Reyos @ Saturday, July 30th 2005, 12:56 PM
awww no fun...
MauiWowieW @ Monday, August 1st 2005, 6:52 AM
Heh, heaven forbid that hes taken! Everyone should have sex with everyone that asks :P LOL.

VERY cute pic :) I love those floppy ears :)
Rufus @ Monday, August 15th 2005, 3:51 PM
if anyone wants to steal him for rude pictures they're welcome, just know that I own him :E
Reyos @ Monday, August 22nd 2005, 2:07 PM
I just want to steal him for umm stuff *steals him and slurping sounds are heard from behind the door*

[236] Artist: XeNoX | Title: Summertime | Time: 2h
Pic #266

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XeNoX @ Tuesday, July 26th 2005, 1:34 PM
Thought he could need a cute sister, too. Anyone agree?
elix @ Wednesday, July 27th 2005, 12:04 PM
Heehee... nothing like 95%-naked beach fun! :D
KimbaLion @ Tuesday, August 23rd 2005, 6:37 AM
Hot here! -^-^-
so a real good day in the sun is wonderfull ^_~ hope you draw a little bit more? Please =^^=

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