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[957] Artist: the cooler | Title: Lil Susy N Big Bro | Time: 47m 27s
Pic #871

the cooler @ Saturday, September 25th 2010, 11:27 PM
hello there its been a while now!... but I'm back and i made this one up quickly of an old char I had drawn here before, yea i noticed the brother changed color but thats is just a minor detail really cause she is the main char in it and besides i thing the bro look better in that gray tone, any how i hope you all like it, comments are welcome! keep it up and keep it cool!

The Cooler

[863] Artist: the cooler | Title: Im playing | Time: 1m 4s
Pic #790

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the cooler @ Thursday, August 6th 2009, 10:36 PM
I just coulnd't control miself i neaded to draw i havent done it on long long now and she looked so cute i had to do a pic, im so sorry if i used her whit out permission but she looked so cute i neaded to draw! and i hope its of the liking of avery one else... all coments welcome... yea i made it in a hurry but it was getting late and all i neaded to sleep hehehehe... i dunno how the sharing works cause it ask for a password? then the password is "kool" i guess that makes it havailable for other to edit? oh well... enjoy! keep it up and keep it cool!

(Edited on August 6, 2009, 10:38 pm)
AishaLove @ Friday, August 7th 2009, 10:32 AM
I'll warn you posting the password means anyone can edit this, I was able to get in to make changes, though I did not.
the cooler @ Friday, August 7th 2009, 4:15 PM
on ok then that was actually the point if any one can make it better plz do but plz dont change the gender or characters colors that all and i never put the same password to all of them.... but thanks any way to clearing me that up! OwO!
Pan @ Friday, August 7th 2009, 8:35 PM
This is cute :3.
manimal @ Saturday, August 8th 2009, 3:21 AM
You`ve defenetly been improving, nice perspective work there.
AishaLove @ Saturday, August 8th 2009, 9:10 AM
Well I just fear some troll may take the oportunity to destroy it, or put something offensive in it's place

[605] Artist: the cooler | Title: wanna play now? | Time: 26m 32s
Pic #582

the cooler @ Sunday, February 17th 2008, 6:03 PM
well im back, i hope you enjoy my puppy girl char, as much as i enjoyed making her again, yea i know some times her eyes are blue but i coulden't found the right green color those times:P all coments are welcome.

ps: wanna get the password? for this one? e mail me! :3 wanna have more friends if they are artist much better and if they like to rp even more better... if that makes scence...
Frost @ Sunday, February 17th 2008, 6:29 PM
Awwww....-nuzzles &amp; licks her pussy- hope you don't mind. :3 aw man! She's cute! Even though i prefer boyfurs but, i like her! BTW cooler, did ya read my message in your mailbox message on the Oekaki? Not sure if any cubs do use it tho. Keep up the good work!
manimal @ Friday, February 22nd 2008, 12:17 AM
Hey cooler this is great love the pose, and her face is so cute
Fruvous @ Tuesday, March 8th 2016, 10:55 PM
And a knick-knack, paddy whack....

[549] Artist: the cooler | Title: ready mister c. | Time: 20m 15s
Pic #538

the cooler @ Thursday, September 20th 2007, 12:26 PM
This is the first boy i make in here, his name? Max... age i dunno i think his like 7 or 8, and i think is more than obies ho mister "C" is lol, all comments are welcome.
LupisLupine @ Sunday, September 23rd 2007, 4:37 AM
::giggles:: he's pretty cute! =3

[336] Artist: the cooler | Title: love lesson | Time: 44m 25s
Pic #359

the cooler @ Tuesday, August 15th 2006, 11:35 AM
here is my little orange puppie girl again.

what would you do if a girl as cute and adorable as her has a crush on you so baddly?
outfoxed @ Wednesday, August 16th 2006, 8:58 AM
Yar...i would have to teach her with everything i know :D
bunnieman @ Friday, August 18th 2006, 4:39 AM
I would Teach her everything I know as well. Then I would have to bring in a few private tutors...and a tape crew for future lessone >:D

manimal @ Tuesday, August 29th 2006, 5:15 AM
hey cooler cool pic nice pose cute face. i'm kinda inn to mixing wods and pics so i really like this one

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